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Aftercare Instructions

Leave them alone

Do not pick, rub or scratch your brows! The pigment will come out meaning your brows will be patchy.
Also, no makeup on the eyebrow area until the scab has formed and fallen off. This is about 7-14 days.

Keep them dry

Keep your brow area dry for 7 days.

No sweaty Bettys

Avoid excessive sweating (gym, sauna, steam room, running, swimming etc.) for 7 days.

Avoid skin treatments

No botox, chemical peels, dermabrasion, laser or any other intense treatments for 4 weeks after your first session.

Aftercare Creams

Use the aftercare cream provided in the morning and at night for 4 days after your treatment.

Be gentle

Be gentle with your brows and remember to only pat the area dry if it becomes wet.

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